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Having worked in the live sound industry for various sound and lighting companies since 1991, I have always been aware that most sound engineering training was and still is largely focused on teaching recording and studio engineering. Over the years I have worked for a diverse range of clients ranging from concert & event organisers, artist management companies, theatre promoters through to large corporations for events such as conferences, product launches and seminars. Whilst all of these clients may operate in different market sectors, they all still require, high quality sound systems along with experienced, live sound engineers to set it up and operate it.

In these evolving times where digitalisation and powerful recording software has become cheaper and so readily available, more and more musicians are able to make their own recordings and this has lead to the closure of many recording studios and even less work for studio engineers. Live Sound however has never been so vibrant as improvements in equipment coupled with the internet has enabled live events to be staged and marketed easier than ever before.

Today’s live sound engineers will not only find work engineering live gigs of all sizes but also their skills are required for a multitude of clients such as nightclubs, venue owners, town halls & theatres, theme and holiday parks, conference venues and hotels, cruise liners, churches and so on. Our courses set out to provide you with the necessary skills to be able to work in all of these areas and enable you to make a living as a live sound engineer.

Our first training courses started in 2000 offering half and one - day group training sessions on various elements of live sound engineering. These proved very popular as they offered quick, problem solving solutions to many sound engineering scenarios. For some this would be with their own band where they had some equipment but didn't really know how to use it whilst others were working sound engineers that still found areas they were unsure of.

From this the more formalised and complete
Two Day Live Sound Course was written and has proved enormously popular with students traveling from all over the country and abroad to attend. For those that wish to follow this up with some advanced skills we offer our 1 Day Advanced Outboard Equipment Course. If however you wish to combine both the 2 day live course and advanced course along with a day of working with live musicians and more then our 4 Day Pro-Live Sound Course covers all of this. Some people have their own specific training requirements or simply prefer to train on their own or as a group from a theatre or school etc. For this we offer bespoke One 2 One Training. to suit each and every individual needs. Although our main focus is on live sound engineering there is an increase in bands requiring live recordings and we also get students that would like to learn to record but as a group or one to one basis. For this we offer our Studio Recording And Production Training.

Our training has been developed by taking the practices from many leading, touring sound engineers and using these to form the backbone of our teaching and provide solid, practical tuition that provides you with the skills to start sound engineering straight away. As a result we not only get to teach sound engineering to a lot of very satisfied students but also offer support and technical advice long after students have left.

We hope this site explains in detail more about what are courses cover but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Howard Williams

Base Sound