1 Day: Advanced Outboard Equipment Course
Friday: 10am
- 6pm, see dates, (8 hrs Tuition)
(Drinks and light lunch are included for the day)

Who Is The Course Aimed At?
This course is aimed at all those people that wish to further their knowledge on the use of outboard equipment such as Noise Gates, Compressors, Graphic Equalisers, Effects Processors etc. There are many engineers that can achieve a pretty good mix when the band are, great, the PA is awesome and the venue is a dream. However when faced with various acoustic challenges such as a squeaky kick drum pedal, booming bass guitars, feedback, mic spill or simply a vocalist that will not sing at the same volume then often the sensible and correct use of outboard equipment can massively improve things. There is much confusion about how and when to use outboard equipment, how it is connected and what the various pots all do. On this one day course we go into detail on all the functions and setting up of a broad range of outboard equipment to help you take your mixing to the next level.

Who Can attend the Advanced Outboard Equipment Course?
Anyone over the age of 18 who is keen to learn more about outboard equipment and how to incorporate it into their engineering set up. To get the most from this course we recommend it mostly to those students who have already gained some experience in sound engineering or have completed some previous engineering training such as our
Two Day Live Sound Course

What You Will Learn:
● Graphic Equalisers and there use on both Front of House & Monitors
● Compressors & Limiters, Applications, & Settings
● Expanders & Noise Gates, Applications, & Settings
● Cabling & Connecting them into the Mixing Desk
● Typical Settings for Vocals & Instruments
● Ringing Out F.O.H & Monitors
● De-Essing & Frequency Conscious Compressing
● Side Chaining & Trigger Inputs
● Planning them into your mix
● Building & Designing your Outboard Rack
● Understanding specifications

The Training take place at: Unit 1, Lightpill Trading Estate, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 3JW.

Booking Your Place:
As we limit the class sizes to no more than 8 people we advise all students to book well in advance to guarantee your place.
For details on how to book your place please go to our Enrol Page. Here you will find details of how to pay online or by post.

Contact Us

Should you like any more information then you can contact us or call Howard on 01453 882256 or 07816 885066.

Advanced Outboard Course