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Rehearsal/Practice Rooms for Live Bands and Musicians.

An ideal for place for live bands & musicians to rehearse and practice in the Stroud area, Gloucestershire!
Our Practice Rooms are on Ground Level so no lugging up and down stairs!

band rehearsal rooms Stroud
Glos rehearsal room
Band Practice Room Stroud

Each room comes with a high quality 600 watt wall mounted vocal PA system c/w 12 channel mixer, 2 Shure SM58 vocal mics on stands. There is also a 5 piece Mapex drum kit in each room but drummers need to bring their own hi-hat, snare and cymbals, (stands for these are included). The mixer has plenty of additional channels to easily connect other mics and keyboards etc into the system. Each Room is Approx 22ft long by 12ft wide providing plenty of space for up to a 10 piece band to crank up the sound and properly rehearse.

There is plenty of on-site parking and with kitchen and toilet facilities and so bands and musicians can now really enjoy rehearsing.

Additional mics, guitar and bass amps can also be hired so if you don’t want to have to bring much of your own kit then it’s no problem.

Open from 10am - 10.30pm every day and prices are:

2 hours £30.00,
3 hours £40.00,
4 Hours £45.00

Longer sessions can also be booked by prior agreement.

Click here to see
Dave Baybutt & His Ruff Diamonds playing Natural Love in on of our Rooms.

For more details call Howard on 01453 882256 - 07816 885066 The address is: Unit 1, Lightpill Trading Estate, Stroud, Glos, GL5 3JW