Learn To Sound Engineer & Mix Live Bands.
In two days you can be ready to start live sound engineering!

2 Day, Live Sound Course - All the skills needed to start engineering after 2 days
4 Day, Pro-Live Sound Course All the above plus advanced outboard skills and digital mixing
Live Sound One 2 One Training Bespoke One to One or Group training specific to your needs
Live Sound Digital Training Teaches setting up and using Digital Mixers

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About Our Sound Engineering Courses

Hi Howard,
The Course was brilliant, informative, rich in content, practical exercises and demonstration, demystifies and gives confidence to go give it a proper go. Rarely have I been on such a course which gives me all of the aims and objectives, and I could have stayed for at least another week.  It was very enjoyable and I can’t wait to put it into practice. Indeed I have already told the boys what I want to do, only the bassist is resisting so far, but I think we can settle his concerns with a demonstration!
Gary- June 2014

Becoming a Sound Engineer need not take years. If you are a complete beginner and yet want to want to learn to mix a full band, understand EQ, patching effects and know how to set up and mix monitors then our: 2 Day Live Sound Engineering Course is the one. This two day course will teach you enough skills to start earning money as a live sound engineer straight away. If you want to also learn some advanced skills such as using gates, compressors, graphics and use a digital desk plus practice with real musicians then our: 4 Day Pro-Live Sound Course will give you all this and more.

Located in Gloucestershire we have been teaching live sound engineering for over 15 years. With students attending from all walks of life and from all over world we are very proud to have taught so many people to sound engineer. So many musicians and engineers get frustrated when they know the sound could be better. With Base Sound you will get to understand how it all works and learn the science of creating a great live sound.

Who Attends Our Training Courses?

Quite simply anyone with an interest in music and sound. We have students who have already engineered that wish to learn more. We have complete beginners looking to start a new career in sound engineering. For others it's to get a better sound for their band and for some it's just a part time hobby they want to expand on. No Previous Experience Is Necessary as we will guide you through each step of the way and guarantee you will learn to sound engineer through hands on experience and tutorials so by the end of the course you are ready to start mixing your first gig.

What Is a Live Sound Engineer?

A live sound engineer is someone who controls the mixing of the sound at a live event whether it be the smallest of pub gigs right through to a stadium size concert. Pretty much all forms of live entertainment require a sound engineer whether it's a rock concert, a pub gig, live theatre show, live cabaret, classical concert etc. Basically anywhere where there is an audience enjoying a live performance will require a sound engineer. By enrolling on our sound engineering course you will gain the skills to engineer all of the above.

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We provide 1, 2 & 4 day live sound engineering courses using both analogue and digital desks to give you the skills to start sound engineering straight away

Don't Put off learning to do something you dreamed of
Thousands of students are now engineering live bands thanks to our training!

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